The TystofteFonden manages activities regarding national listing, plant breeders Rights and certification of seeds and grain in Denmark. The activities are carried out under a delegation of the Danish Ministry of Environment and Agriculture.

The technical activities are as follows

  • Statutory VCU-testing carried out as an integrated part of the VCU-testing of varieties in Denmark together with the SEGES and Nordic Beet Research.
  • Test for the Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability of the varieties (DUS-testing)
  • Certification of propagating material by coordination of compagny registration, field inspection, sampling and laboratory analyzes of the individual propagation lots

The TystofteFonden’s DUS testing is CPVO entrusted and sampling in connection with the certification is ISTA accredited with regard to the official as the authorized sampling.

Mission – the way for new varieties and seeds:

The TystofteFonden will through effective coordination and implementation of the statutory Danish variety testing marks itself nationally and internationally as an environment that can and will be implemented value and DUS testing at a high level. Furthermore, TystofteFonden coordinates the certification process of propagting material in the Danish network model.
Thus, the TystofteFonden contributes to new, better and clearly identifiable varieties with high-quality propagating material for Danish agriculture as well as export – or TystofteFonden is the way for new varieties and seeds.


Through the VCU-testing, the TystofteFonden will challenge and develop the plant breeding of agricultural plants. The DUS-testing describes the identity of the varieties, which together with the certification ensures high quality of the propagation material.


  • accountability
  • commitment
  • professionalism
  • openness
  • precision

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