CPVO entrustment

DUS entrustment continues
On October 15, 2021, TystofteFoundations DUS testing was CPVO entrusted. The present entrustment is valid until 2024
Many thanks to the DUS group for updating both procedures and instructions before this summer’s audit and a big congratulation to the whole team

Harvest of beets 2021

Harvest of beets 2021
Now we started the last harvest of the year in the beets, which consists of both fodder beets and sugar beets. Lots of physical work with topping, picking up and assessing the individual beets. Subsequently the results will be evaluated both in terms of value and DUS testing and ready for the Technical Board on the 26th of November

Seed Sampling Courses autunm 2021

TystofteFonden conducts "Basic Seed Sampling for New Seed Samplers" on the 22nd and 23rd of November and "Follow up course for Seed Samplers " on the 15th of November. Both courses tage place at Mødecenter Odense. More information and participation confirmation can be found on the Danish part of tystofte.dk under certification/prøvetagning/kursus i prøvetagning

Assessments of the control plots of 2021 propagations of grasses

TystofteFonden has now completed the assessments of the control plots of grassland propagations for this season, companies have been notified directly of the results and data have been uploaded in Seed Certification database.
Now follows the assessments of cereals and in parallel we sow the control plots of grassland propagations 2022.

Registration in OBS-2021

Collection of disease data in the cereal observation plots has just begun. Find the data under results - observation plots - 2021

First cut has been taken in VCU forage grass at Tystofte.

First cut has been taken in VCU forage grass at Tystofte.

Desciptive List 2021

The descriptive variety list has now been published. It is available under Results/Descriptive Lists

Spring drill on Tystofte

In excellent spring weather, the first seeds are waiting for the first plots to be drilled

Meeting in Working Group of Seed Certification

On Tuesday the 27th April at 10:00 to 12:00, the biannual meeting in the Working Group of Seed Certification is held. The meeting will be held online and is open to anyone with interest in Danish Seed certification.
For registration please contact

ISTA accreditation 2020

In September 2020, ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) conducted an audit at TystofteFondation, with the purpose to renew accreditation obtained in 2017. In February 2021, the accreditation was approved, which means that companies that do not have their own accreditation will be covered by TystofteFonundation's accreditation under DK11.

Brexit and export to the UK

Exports of seed to the UK now requires ISTA certificates, OECD labels and the following text on the label "GB rules and standards". The exporter of certifies seed must ensure that GB rules and standards are met. Seeds of standard quality are excluded from these requirements. On the Danish Agricultural Agency's website you can read more about rules for import and export to the UK. For exports to Northern Ireland, there are no changes, as Northern Ireland remains part of the EU single market.

Happy new year 2021

At Tystofte, we are ready to service, collaborate and help in the process of producing propagation material. We will test, assess and our Plant Novelty Board decides for both varieties and seed lots. We are looking forward to a continued constructive collaboration. For laboratories doing analyzes of cereal seeds, we start with a small New Year's rocket, as it is now possible to make purity analysis and number determination by help of a dedicated mashine. However, before you get started, there are some introductory exercises that need to be completed - click on the picture for more information - in Danish only. Remember deadlines regarding
• application for natiolan listing: 20. January 2021
• Application of seed multiplication: 1. February 2021 regarding winter cereals
A happy new year from all employees at the TystofteFoundation

Merry Christmas

Shortly before Christmas, it's time to say thank you for the past year - thanks to applicants, samplers, field inspectors, post - inspectors, FCS wizards, seed laboratories, testing sites and employees at TystofteFonden. Together we have come through a difficult year with Corona limitations and we have delivered together, even though we work separately!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Follow up course for seed samplers

On Monday 23 November, 10 experienced seed samplers from various seed & cereal companies in Denmark attended the follow-up course for seed samplers.
They were introduced to a new ISTA log, an updated "Instructions in Seed Sampling " and their future collaboration and affiliation with the Tystofte Foundation.
The syllabus for the course is the aforementioned Instructions - a "bible" of almost 300 pages, which contains comprehensive information about, among other things certification, calculation of the number of samples, various methods of sampling and handling, including special rules for the use of a sleeve type sampling stick, regarding one-compartment type and separate compartment type respectively, for ISTA sampling, as well as rules for import and much more.
Due to Corona restrictions, 2 seed samplers could unfortunately not participate in the follow-up course - their update is therefore postponed to 2021.
Tystofte Foundation thanks the participating seed samplers for a really good day with many exciting discussions.

Training of new seed samplers

Currently, 12 new eed samplers are being trained from various seed & cereal companies in Denmark and they are examined in theoretical seed sampling. Subsequently, the trainees are also examined in practical seed sampling before they are fully authorized to take representative samples of small packages, big bags, boxes and even whole wagon loads.
Click on the picture for more information

Technical Board for Variety Testing

On Thursday 26-11-20, the Technical Board for Variety Testing will meet to consider recommendations regarding. DUS and VCU testing. At this meeting, varieties of winter and spring barley, oats, spring wheat, field peas, broad beans, spring oilseed rape, potatoes, sugar beets and maize are evaluated.

First stage of the establishment of new barn

On Friday, June 26, we celebrated the first stage of the establishment of our new barn, which will have 1200 m2 under roof plus a smaller overhang for intermediate storage.

Potato Core Plant Collection

The Danish Potato Core Collection moved to the TystofteFoundation

Statistics of multiplication areas of

Statistics of multiplication areas of spring crops ands grasses

Descriptive Variety Lists 2020

The Danish descriptive variety lists for respectively. agricultural crops and lawns have been published and are available at https://www.tystofte.dk/resultater/beskrivende-sortslister/

The spring work in the field has ended.

It is with great satisfaction that the field work of trials for testing of spring sown crops like cereals, beets, maize and legumes is completed by the end of April.