Consequences of EU-judgment on Mutagenesis Techniques

The European Court of Justice has ruled that varieties produced by new mutagenesis techniques are to be considered as GMOs

  • Agricultural crops produced with new mutagenesis techniques must be risk assessed
  • GMO approval before registration on the national variety list

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New Application forms 2019

Here you will find relevant application forms and technical questionnaires needed when applying for variety testing and admission til the variety database.

Annual VCU-results

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ISTA accreditation

On October 17, 2017, TystofteFoundation was ISTA accredited regarding seed sampling. Our accreditation works as an umbrella for our official and authorized seed samplers and ensures the possibility of issuing ISTA-certificates, which are recognized as an international standard when trading seeds.

The accreditation of TystofteFoundation replaces the accreditation of the Danish Agricultural Agencies.

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On the 12 of July 2017 our DUS-team was audited by Ms Karolina Lenartowicz (TE) and Mr Gerhard Schuon (ATL) of the Quality Audit Service of CPVO.

The DUS arrangement of oilseed rape, quinoa, beet, cereals in general and rye in particular were audited. From an organizational point the independence of the TystofteFoundation especially in relation to the board members influence on the technical testing was closely examined. (Click at the Picture to read more)