The Plant Novelty Board (PNB) holds the decision-making competencies regarding

  • Nation Listing
  • Plant Variety Protection/Plant Breeders’ Rights
  • Certification of plant multiplication material

Cf. the Danish order for the Plant Novelty Board no. 1013 of 26-6-2020

The board is composed as follows

  • Anne Rejnhold Jørgensen (chair), See, among others: Anne Rejnhold Jørgensen, born in 1958, M.Law., formerly employed by the Danish Public Prosecutor’s Office, trained as a lawyer and has 33 years of experience from the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, where she has been head of the Office of Law and International Politics. As member of The Danish Board of Appeal for Patents and Trademarks Anne R Jørgensen has followed international developments closely over the years, especially under the auspices of WIPO. Anne Rejnhold Jørgensen also teaches at the University of Copenhagen in the subject IPR (Intellectual Property Rights).
  • Kirsten Jørgensen
  • Inger Holme
  • Johannes Ravn Jørgensen
  • Søren Kjærsgaard Rasmussen