Currently, 12 new seed samplers are being trained from various seed & cereal companies in Denmark and they are examined in theoretical seed sampling. Subsequently, the trainees are also examined in practical seed sampling before they are fully authorized to take representative samples of small packages, big bags, boxes and even whole wagon loads. The syllabus for the theoretical part is TystofteFonden’s “Instructions in Seed Sampling” – a “bible” of almost 300 pages, with comprehensive information about e.g. seed certification, calculation of number of samples, methods of sampling, handling of samples, rules for import and much more.
The training of a seed sampler is extensive and time-consuming, and requires both theoretical knowledge, practical skills and a good portion of sound judgment and independence! Over the next few months, the trainees will be examined in the practical part of seed sampling, and TystofteFonden looks forward to congratulate the new samplers with their authorization!